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Mobile Detailing

The Wonders of Auto Detailing

Mobile D-Touch, LLC continues to garner the respect of regular car owners and enthusiasts in Danbury, Connecticut because of the overall quality of our service. Apart from delivering excellent work, we put customer service in high regard, and clients notice it.

Given our more than 20 years of solid industry experience, it’s no surprise that car owners from all walks of life turn to us. Allow us to say that we are more than happy to work on your vehicle every time.

Brief History

What started as a means to augment someone’s high school savings has become a successful business. Our owner said that the longer he does the work, the better and more passionate he becomes.

He claims he has the most fun when on the job. Understandably, he is getting more and more appreciative of the craft, and now, he has taken a leap of faith by going mobile. That means we are only a phone call away!

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